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Mitigating Your Risk

A Two-Part Video Series

To equip our policyholders with the necessary tools to protect their practices and careers during times of crisis. And to be better informed about using technology both personally and professionally.

Information You Need to Know When Providing Services During Times of Crisis

A series of six videos, discussing various topics including how HIPAA, the NASW Code of Ethics, State Licensing and Technology impact the provision of behavioral health services during times of crisis. Videos are topical and provide valuable insight from leading behavioral professionals.

Technology Basics with Cliff Lavin

Do you feel confused about technology terms? Then this video series is for you. Management Specialist, Cliff Lavin, presents what you need to know to have a good foundation on how to use and understand technology. This series will get you “in the know” quickly and effortlessly.

COVID-19 Notice

NASW Risk Retention Group (NASW RRG) shares information based on our helpline inquiries, corresponding claims history, and an understanding of a varying nationwide professional state regulatory environment.

Due to COVID-19, many states have implemented or waived specific regulations; it is the individual professional's responsibility to research, implement, and monitor those regulations; and apply our risk management content as a consideration in your practice environment. Do not interpret this risk management material as any means to alter professional training, standards, nor any ethics information provided by your professional association.

Please understand, the NASW RRG makes no representations or warranties other than those stated to our current policyholders in the insurance policy contract. Please contact us if you have further questions.