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EAP Services for NASW Professional Liability Insurance Policyholders

NASW Professional Liability Insurance Policyholders have access to the EAP services provided by HMSA – Health Management Systems of America.

This program includes:

Dedicated Toll-Free Crisis Line

24 hours a day • 7 days a week • 365 days a year

Case Collaboration*

Consult with a Colleague on Difficult Cases • Second Opinions • Unlimited Incidents

Member Counseling

Diagnostic Assessment • Up to 2 Additional Follow-up Short Term Problem Resolution Sessions (as clinically appropriate) • Multilingual Interpretation Services

Referral Services

Coordinated with Existing Health Benefit Plan • Link with Sliding Fee Agencies (if needed) • Community Resources • Support Groups

Online Work-Life Resources

Legal & Financial Resources • Financial Calculators • Child & Elder Care Resources • Health and Wellness Resources • Physician Directory/Medication Search • Over 1,000 Resource Articles • Disaster Preparedness • Simple Will Preparation

Training/Professional Development

Choose up to 2 free online trainings from our comprehensive training catalog or attend 2 live training events at our Detroit training facility.

Optional Services Available

(Additional cost, rates subject to change)
$1.50 per member per month for Telephonic Model or $20.00 per year
Includes family members

$2.67 per member per month for Face-to-Face Model or $32.00 per year
Includes family members

*Duty to warn falls under the responsibility of the individual social worker to understand the local law and reporting duties.