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Our top priority is protecting the well-being of our policyholders, their families, and the communities they serve.
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Our monthly newsletter with a mission to educate allied health professionals on the benefits and importance of liability insurance.

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Our podcast program is a series of short and informative tips on how to manage your risks and reduce your exposure to a lawsuit.

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Whether you are new to practicing teletherapy or not, there are a few critical items you need to know before you start

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Value is a Function of (Price + Satisfaction Benefits)
Value is a Function of (Price + Satisfaction Benefits)

Let’s discuss the value of packaging yourself while partnering with your insurance carrier. The classic marketing definition of value is based on the price paid for the good or service and the satisfaction derived from the benefits. Leading marketers, including insurance companies, sell their products and services as “benefits packets” or bundles of benefits. As crucial as selling “purchase value,” they sell “usage value.”

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Banged, Beat Up, and Bruised
Banged, Beat Up, and Bruised

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics states that social workers working in healthcare and social services settings lead the nation in significant injuries due to an assault at work? This occupation accounts for 70% of assault injuries in all professions. Social workers are four times more likely to be injured from an assault than the average private sector worker.

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“NASW Assurance Services: Best Affordable Rates”; (Source: BravoPolicy.com) BravoPolicy was referring to the NASW Risk Retention Group as rated in the #1 position nationally in this affordable rate category which provides Professional Liability, General Liability, and Cyber Liability policies in all 50 states.

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Insurance for Your Family

All our insurance products offer excellent value for allied health professionals and their families. Our staff researches and selects high-quality programs and the best products to meet your specific needs at the most competitive prices.

To learn more choose the product by clicking on the box for the protection you need. Or, if you would like to speak with someone about a program, claim, get a quote, or apply, visit our customer service directory for a list of contact numbers.

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